I've experienced both situations, where romantic "partners" did really want to stay friends, and where they did not. More of the latter though. There are different microcultures all over the country, and all over the world, so communication styles will vary. By in large, I would observe Americans are largely conflict avoidant, so they tend to soften things as you suggest, perhaps more in the south and west than other areas of the country, but in general. Americans are also increasingly entitled to certain things in relationships, and if they do not get them, they are quick to end them and move on.

I'd say for the most part this article is spot on. I've texted someone in the hope of sex. Sometimes I text someone simply because we shared some good times, and some how we separated for reasons that were never made explicit, and I just enjoy connecting with them about parts of their life I know about. A transition from lover to friend. Some women don't want to be friends, because that is not why they got into dating in the first place, and I understand that.

Third Act

Awakening, discovering who I am, reinventing myself. Childhood, marriage, and now post-separation/divorce. It is my third act. My best act so far.

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